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My life began on this earth when two hippies, in love, together with other spontaneous, carefree, young people were gathered around a campfire. Happy, singing, playing the guitar, laughing and free.

Various musicians met regularly for the wild parties which my parents either threw or attended. My mother plays the piano and my father played the guitar. Music was always playing – everywhere.

Growing up in South Africa, a country characterised by rhythm and sound, I was being shaped and influenced by music in every moment. 

However, a deep fear harbored within me and I could not “show” my true voice. Only through playing the piano did I manage to express myself musically.

In 2003 I bought myself a Sony Tape Recorder and carried that little device everywhere with me in my handbag. Many songs came to me and I recorded every single one of them. That was my little secret. 

I finally decided to overcome this fear and after many many hours of work on myself, I have broken through those walls. I am now able to release my voice and those songs. 

I have traveled a lot in my life, though this musical journey has been the most exciting journey so far. It is as if all the previous journeys, no matter what kind, were in preparation for this trip. Perhaps this is because this journey goes deeper.

A journey within.