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Jemanda Tunes


14. April 2020 - Melodic Messages in the Wetterauer newspaper

3. November 2019 - Jemanda Tunes live in South Africa

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30. June 2019 - Jemanda & Friends - Live in Bad Nauheim

The 30th of June 2019 is a very special day!

Jemanda & Friends are performing live in Bad Nauheim.

Together with other artists these musicians will fill the air with inspiring, creative and good moods.

In the Great Concerthall in Bad Nauheim´s beautiful Art Niveau style “Trinkkuranlage” a Festival of Arts will be taking place.

Photography, art works, sewing items, woodwork, jewellery and many more fabulous things will be exhibited and made available to purchase.

Music will be guiding this festival as it opens its doors for everyone who feels like an arty and melodic event.

Sunday, the 30th of June 2019, 11:30 – 18:00

19.6.19 - Welcome to the world of Jemanda Tunes

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