Jemanda Tunes

Jemanda Tunes

Jemanda Melodic Messages

Melodic Messages are messages from other dimensions.
Messages that are transported through song and mystical language, enabling us to connect with our innermost essence. Strengthening the bond between our physical bodies and our higher selves, the frequencies shared with us also activate our self-healing powers.

They remind us.

Unleashing the true magic that lives inside of us.

When I first picked up the courage to share these precious messages I carefully sent them to people who might “understand”.

Here are some impressions:

👂 i listen…💞💗 i hear wonderful energy vibes”

“I’m immersed in your pure and healing sounds… your exquisite voice. So pleased you’re insanely immersed in this energy… what a gift to us your heart tribe and the world which needs it. Thank you for the two lovely tracks. So good for my daily awakening moments when I write. Blessings.”

“I am loving listening to you… because I knew you, the child and your dreams as they unfolded and your journey… and now your basket of delight you are offering and blessing us collectively. I feel prouder than a mom. XX 🍑 XX”

“Wow that one really spoke to me!!! I wanted to sing in sync and harmonise with it from the first note. Thanks again for sending it… so enormously powerful. Have passed it on.”